In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful


The Islamic Center Of Zahra (SA) (ICZ) is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to practicing Islam as set forth by Fiqh-e-Jaa'faria.

Our Board of Trustees

Jafar Mohsin

President | Facility Management Committee and Building Committee

Asghar Zaidi

Treasurer | Finance Committee

Amanath Mir

Secretary | Technology Committee

Abbas Raza

Trustee | Technology Committee

Samira Dossani

Trustee | Youth Committee and Ladies Committee

Hasnain Zaidi

Trustee | Constitution Committee

Ahsan Kazmi

Trustee | Burial Committee and Tabaruk Committee

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Our Committees

Ladies & Youth

Operations Manager | Sr. Samira Dossani


Operations Manager | Br. Abbas Raza Asif

Sunday School

Operations Manager | Br. Jafar Mohsin

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