Zahra Islamic School

As we prepare for the upcoming start of the Sunday School year of 2018-2019 we would like to go over a few key dates and some changes to your attention. Please make a note of key announcements:

  1. Registration Day will be held between 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM on Sunday, 12th August 2018. Kindly come to the ICZ facility at 1059 Serpentine Lane, Pleasanton to register your children and collect their school books.
  2. First Day of Sunday School is on Sunday, 19th August 2018.
  3. Start and End Time: School Start Time is 10:30 AM and School End Time is 01: 45 PM.
  4. Lunch policy: As the number of student is increasing, we need to make an adjustment to the lunch policy. In order to make the school operation more efficient, reduce cost for parents and to accommodate the various dietary preferences of the students,the administration is introducing a new lunch policy. As per this policy, we ask parents to send snacks with their children. There will be a break between the lessons to allows all children to have their snacks. Please note, the school will not provide lunch this year.
  5. Fees collection: For the upcoming year, we require that fees payment for the complete year either be made in full or in two installments. If you choose to make two payments, please submit two checks where the second check is post-dated to January 2019.
  6. Book Buyback: The school will be buying back books from last year. Please bring books which are in good condition, the buyback program is limited to books in a good, usable condition.
  7. Volunteers: We need help in preparing the classrooms for start of school. If you can help on August 9, 2018, please email